• Composites Material types batches and stock tracking

    Total material control

    Know exactly where your material is before, during and after cutting on the laser. Line Commander can connect to multiple stockers and instantly see size, quantity and state information for each item.

  • Transferring materials and kits

    Drag & Drop Scheduling from multiple apps

    It’s the same simple process to schedule a nest whether using Line Commander or JETCAM Orders Controller. Just select your nest and drag it into the worklist for your selected machine. All Scheduler Stations update in real time, so everyone knows the exact status of all jobs.

  • Dealing with real-world situations

    Dealing with real-world situations

    Full automation still needs to let you be flexible. If you receive an urgent job you can drag and drop it straight into the schedule - even while the machine is cutting. You can rearrange jobs within the schedule even while the line is running.

Automated loading, cutting and unloading

JETCAM Line Commander provides complete automation of your material stockers, load/unload and CNC laser, and giving you the capability to deal with real-world situations when required. It provides drag and drop scheduling with full automation of loading and unloading. Interfacing tightly with the line PLC it communicates in real time over TCP/IP to control the entire line - loading material from the stocker onto the laser table, downloading CNC program for the job to be cut, unloading the cut parts and repeating the cycle. With the option for Industry 4.0, Line Commander can notify you automatically by email or SMS if specific events (such as an unscheduled machine stop) occur.

Interactive or Automated

Manual controls are also provided to allow staff to control the material stocker while the laser is cutting. The user has real time status of the entire line, and access to comprehensive completed job information, including pallet locations for finished job sheets.

Line Automation Software Key Features

  • Simple Setup
  • Permission-based drag and drop scheduling
  • Live machine status
  • Log of all material used
  • Complete manual control, even when line is running
  • Full visualisation of real-time situation
  • Live TCP/IP link to CNC laser and PLC
  • Control of Stocker Pallet for delivering material to load/unload
  • Control of Stocker Pallet to retrieve finished jobs
  • On-the-fly automatic pallet reassignment
  • Auto-continue when any errors are cleared
  • Support for many different CNCs, load/unload and stockers

Option for Industry 4.0 support

The Industry 4.0 module provides Line Commander with the following additional functionality:

  1. Automated data export: Several automated data export options are available to export job data to configured location(s) concerning job processing such as timings, material and component information.
  2. Parts processing display: Displays the status of specific part orders in real time, allowing users to understand number of parts already produced for the given quantity required. This display globally covers all production parts for machines handled by line commander.  This display is available to all connected client applications in the Line Commander environment (JOC II Premium, Scheduler, Line Controller).
  3. Automated notification system (eMail): The system can be configured to "broadcast" emails to specific people under a variety of conditions that may arise during production controlled by Line Commander.
  4. Statistical real time displays: These are information displays which convey production historical data such as total laser running time over a "user chosen" period.  These displays are available to all connected client applications in the Line Commander environment (JOC II Premium, Scheduler, Line Controller).

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