Case Study - Connova AG: Revisited

In 2014 CONNOVA AG, based in Switzerland, purchased CrossTrack AMS along with JETCAM Expert, which provided material location and usage tracking along with integrated nesting and scheduling to drive their Zund CNC knife cutter. Nests were often 15-20% more efficient than before and much faster to generate. They have full material batch traceability, with data much faster to enter and traceability reports generated in seconds. Integration into a camera-based prototype ply digitising tool allowed users to take images of handdrawn ply templates that could be turned into cut-ready DXF files, reduced the process of digitising plies from 16 hours per week to just 2. CONNOVA saw a return on investment in under two months.

This case study revisits the company three years later, after the subsequent purchase of CrossTrack CMS, which provides full life traceability of rolls, kits and plies. They also upgraded their ply digitising tool and added an Aligned Vision 3D laser system to increase accuracy and speed of the hand layup process.

Software in use:

Machine in use

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