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JETCAM Cut Scheduler provides a clear, clean interface for scheduling and transferring the NC code of your nests for cutting on your CNC machine. It can be used either as a standalone application, or a master scheduler can provide nests to unlimited slave schedulers, with each one providing a dedicated schedule for your CNC machines.

Nest Scheduling softwareUsing Cut Scheduler is simple: Just drag and drop your selected nests onto the machine. You can reorder nests by dragging them up or down the list. One click sends your NC code to the machine via network, RS232, external application or custom APIs. You can also view information such as material required for the queued nests, nest vector view with part identification along with clamps and tooling information. As each job is completed the left pane lists details such as runtime and number of runs, and in the bottom left pane you can see the material used.

Where Cut Scheduler really shows its benefit is with Master/Slave mode. The master scheduler can drag and drop nests to be queued for multiple slaves. As each user processes their nests the master updates in realtime. The system can also be locked down to give slave schedulers as much or as little control as required. Users can be allowed or denied access to functionality such as adding, deleting and rescheduling nests on a per-machine basis. At it's highest security setting a user would only have access to start, stop and reset, reducing the possibility of error and ensuring staff with any level of IT skills can use the system.

Master Slave Scheduling of nests for downloading NC code to CNC machines

Master/Slave setups allow one master to control unlimited machines

With Cut Scheduler you can eliminate nests schedule paperwork from your shopfloor and ensure that nests are cut in the order that you specify, and as Cut Scheduler gets most of its configuration information from your JETCAM Expert setup you can be up and running in a couple of minutes.

Key Features of Cut Scheduler

  • Simple drag and drop for queuing and re-ordering
  • One-click start and stop process, with one more click to run the next job
  • Can run in either standalone for single CNC or master/slave mode to serve multiple CNCs
  • Unlimited number of slaves can be driven by one master
  • Dynamic vector view with part identification
  • NC transfer via direct file transfer, Rs232, external app or 3rd party APIs
  • User can allow/deny functions such as scheduling/deleting nests on per machine basis
  • Same installer for both standalone and master/slave
  • Easy setup, with most information imported from existing JETCAM Expert system
  • Supplied with comprehensive manual and training videos


Q. Is this a replacement for JETTerm?

A. No. Although JETTerm and Cut Scheduler share some common functionality JETTerm is designed to fill a different requirement for companies that work in a different way. We are still continuing to develop JETTerm, with a new version due out later in 2015.

Q. How many CNC machines will Cut Scheduler support?

A. Cut Scheduler is designed to give the machine operator for each of your machines a single, dedicated interface. If you have one CNC that you only want to schedule jobs for from the shop floor you would purchase one seat of Cut Scheduler for use in standalone mode. If you wanted to remotely schedule jobs for that one machine then you would purchase two seats and run it in master/slave mode. If, for example you had three CNC machines you would purchase either three seats to run in standalone mode, or four seats with one acting as a master.

Q. What if there is a problem with a job on the machine?

A. You have two options: If you are cutting a nest once you can simply reset the nest and then re-start it. If you are performing multiple runs and there was a problem mid-run click Stop and specify the number of completed runs. When you click Start again it will download the NC code so that the next run can be performed. Of course, you can always reschedule a nest to be cut again by locating it in the Nests view and dragging/dropping to the machine.

Q. How many slave seats can one master support?

A. Technically, unlimited, but from an interface point of view we would recommend less than 20 on a monitor running at 1920x1080, as the number of tabs detailing each machine will need this amount of space to be visible before scroll bars would be necessary.

Q. Can you have more than one master controlling the same slaves?

A. No.

Q. What are the system requirements for Cut Scheduler?

A. Cut Scheduler does not require a powerful PC to run. The following system specification is the minimum we would recommend:

CPU: Intel i3 or greater
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32 bit or 64 bit
2GB RAM (32 bit, 4GB recommended) or 4GB RAM (64 bit, 8GB recommended)
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
50MB hard disc space

For Master/Slave mode:

Network card, connected to Windows network with full read/write permissions for shared data directory

Q. Does Cut Scheduler work with any other CAM system?

A. No. Cut Scheduler reads JETCAM Expert's proprietary files to provide the user with relevant information.

Q. What file transfer methods does Cut Scheduler support?

A. Cut Scheduler supports the following methods:

  • Direct file transfer (e.g. via networked controllers)
  • Serial RS232
  • External module
  • Custom APIs. Example: Cut Scheduler currently ships with an API to Mitsubishi controllers to allow direct automated NC transfer to the machine


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