Press Release
For Immediate Release
25th August2006

JETCAM revamps CADCAM website for mobile users

JETCAM International has today announced that its website has been re-written to be optimised for mobile devices. It has also launched a quick-access mobile home page, allowing prospect, customers and reseller to get to the information they need quickly.

JETCAM website running on Opera mobile browserThe move is in reaction to the growing trend of mobile internet access coupled with the rollout of 3G, allowing broadband-like speed on a mobile device. Visitors can visit the mobile site at All other pages have also been modified for mobile support.

Commented Martin Bailey; Group Marketing Manager; “Mobile phones are becoming mini computers, with many able to store several gigabytes of data. This is changing the way people work by being able to instantly obtain information when they desire, rather than them having to be near a PC. This site expansion also provides many of our web-based tools to our dealer network through their mobile devices.”

What is needed to view a mobile website?
Any mobile phone supplied with a HTML-compatible web browser or that can run Java-based applications can display the JETCAM mobile web site. The leading Opera web browser is freely available from and provides desktop browsing functionality for all compatible mobile devices. You can also download it directly to your mobile by pointing your wap browser at, select Quick Download and enter Quick Download Code 4122.