Introduction to JETCAM Expert CAD CAM software for CNC punching, profiling, composite cutting and routing machines

Whether you are a sheet metal job shop producing small runs or a multi-national company looking for complete automation, JETCAM Expert delivers a comprehensive programming system for all CNC punching, profiling, routing and composite cutting machine tools - including combination machines and machines with loading/unloading equipment and/or right angle shearing.

Installed in over 60 countries worldwide, JETCAM Expert offers the highest possible degree of automation coupled with an unparalleled ease of use. The heart of the system is its SEKT technology database comprising material, tooling and machine data which allows the system to make intelligent choices automatically. Available as either a standalone, single machine solution or a modular system that can grow and integrate with your company, customers are guaranteed a full upgrade path whichever option they choose. Further automation is available by integrating with JETCAM Orders Controller, which simplifies the remote creation of order lists of parts or assemblies within JETCAM's auto nesting module.

The first step in programming is geometry input. JETCAM Expert offers built-in CAD functionality but also accepts industry standard DXF and IGES data formats. Automatic clean-up and healing functions avoid loss of time in correcting drawings. The system includes an integrated DXF/IGES viewer for quick searches of the relevant data.

Procedure and tool selection
Using JETCAM's SEKT technology the system will select the optimum procedures and tools automatically in accordance with the machine tool capabilities, material used and user preferences. This includes special tools. Components can be tooled under different angles thereby optimising the control over unloading of components and scrap. Preferred tools and standard turret set-ups can be specified to ensure an optimised tool selection. To provide unparalleled support for laser, water jet and other profiling machine tools, JETCAM has developed numerous features, including automatic lead-in and lead out selection and positioning, automatic tabbing (microjoints), automatic selection of corner processing technology for best possible cut quality (various types of corner loops and radii, corner 'slow-down', etc), automatic lead-in and path optimization, heat avoidance, skeleton destruction, new high performance nesting algorithms and many, many more features.

CADCAM software for all punching machines

Various nesting routines are available from simple multi-array nesting of similar parts to advanced nesting of dissimilar rectangular or shaped parts. Bump nesting ensures that manually placed parts do not cross over other components. Two free-form nesting algorithms offer the choice of low cost and speed or a high performance nester (FFHPN) that can highly optimise nests over a specified time period. JETCAM's nesting modules optimise the use of material while taking into account machine tool capabilities and tooling. Nesting modules can be used in connection with Production Control systems (such as MRP) leading the way to a fully automated production process.

Tool order and cutting paths
JETCAM Expert optimises tool order and tool path based on the SEKT technology, machine tool capabilities and user preferences. Automatic hazard avoidance minimises the possibility of collisions between the head and the processed material on the nest. Tool paths and tool order are generated automatically but can also be easily modified manually including repositions and sheet rotations. Included are comprehensive tool path optimisation with automatic hole and formed area avoidance, automatic selection of unloading cycles for finished parts and scrap, complex cutout destruction, tabbing (microjoints), as well as numerous other advanced automatic nesting features.

NC generation and simulation
Postprocessors for virtually all machine tools in use today are available from JETCAM. The NC program generation includes the use of optimised code and subroutines. Comprehensive simulation facilities are available in order to verify and if necessary modify the exact machining process. Machine tool running times can be obtained in a clear report format and also simply exported for estimating purposes.

Program transfer to the machine tool
Multiple ways of transferring programs to the machine tool are available such as floppy disk, networking or the use of DNC. JETCAM's JET-Term DNC software offers a cost effective and efficient method of NC program transfer that gives the machine tool operator clear and ample information at the machine tool itself.

This is the key element in all versions of JETCAM Expert. The SEKT technology allows the user to configure the system in such a way that automatic programming becomes a reality. Whether it's the application of parametrised programs or fully automatic batch programming of sheet metal or composite parts, JETCAM Expert offers a scalable, reliable solution. JETCAM Premium users have several further options available, such as Remote Control Processing (RCP), allowing the system to act as a ‘black box’, with other applications such as JETCAM Order Controller (above) or an existing MRP system, passing job information to automatically receive nests and NC files in return. A range of machine-specific automation modules are also available for Finn Power, Trumpf, Tecnology Italiana, Rainer etc.

Through its extensive automation and at the same time unparalleled ease of use, JETCAM Expert offers a powerful programming and nesting tool for sheet metal CNC punching, profiling and combination machines. Full support for integration with existing production control systems, loading/unloading equipment and machine tool options such as right angle shear allow JETCAM Expert to be used with the most advanced fabrication machine tool installations on the market today, and in the future.

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