JETCAM is committed to continual improvement in our business practices in order to minimise our impact on the environment. This policy outlines steps that we have taken to achieve this. Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

The Product range
The range of JETCAM products are specifically designed to provide benefits which have a positive knock-on environmental effect in three key areas:

  • Machine cycle time, resulting in greater efficiency and less wasted energy resources
  • Programming time, allowing staff to be reallocated to other areas of the business
  • Material waste, which can provide a considerable saving, both financial and in terms of environmental impact, especially where materials cannot be recycled and are not biodegradable

Delivery of the product
All JETCAM products are delivered electronically, with updates being immediately available from our web site rather than being shipped on CD-ROM or other media. JETCAM ships a security device (dongle) with each license order, along with a software carton so that customers can make backups of their software and keep it in the branded box. All packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Product Installation
Where possible all installations are recommended to be installed remotely, with qualified staff from the customer providing feedback during the installation process. Where this is not possible then a part installation and test is done remotely with a minimal on-site presence required.

JETCAM documentation
JETCAM provides a basic ‘Getting Started’ document, supplied with the initial license. All other documentation and training material is delivered electronically from our web site. All printed documentation is produced using recyclable material.

JETCAM operates a minimal office based staff presence with all other staff working remotely. Direct staff meetings are minimised through video conferencing.

JETCAM’s policy is to provide remote online support wherever possible, either to resolve technical issues or to provide backup training. If an internet connection is not available on the PC with JETCAM installed, then JETCAM may provide specific pre-recorded video support files which the customer can then download from any internet-connected PC.

The majority of staff are provided with notebook computers rather than desktops, utilising mobile CPU technology that consumes considerably less power. When the office is closed all non-essential computers are switched off. JETCAM operates a ‘lights out’ policy, with all lighting and non-essential electrical appliances being switched off when the office is unmanned.

All paper based waste is recycled in the office wherever possible, and staff located outside of the office are encouraged to use local recycling schemes.

Our aims
In summary JETCAM aims to reduce its environmental impact in the following areas:

  • Continue to concentrate product development to provide customers with demonstrable savings that positively impact on their own environmental policies
  • Reduce consumption of electrical supplies through the use of new, low power technologies
  • Minimise air and car travel requirements
  • Ensure that any documentation or packaging is kept to a minimum and is recyclable
  • Analyse all waste to ensure that the maximum amount is being recycled

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